Want a free haircut in Reading?

As you may or may not know we film haircut videos for our social and promo portfolio in the UK!

All in all, We’re looking for women and Ladies who’d be interested in being a model for us and getting a haircut and/ or Colour on camera, obviously completely free of charge.



free haircut makeover in reading The 5th Element Salon. short haircuts model

Another key point this is a great opportunity for you to get a haircut and/or Colour done with one of the best Hairdressers / Stylists in Reading.

Furthermore, This will be a completely tailored Style that will suit your face and head shape.

You will get –

  • A free haircut with Anna or Phillip. And don’t worry, we won’t just shave your hair off unless you want to!
  • A thorough consultation beforehand, including advice about your hair with a haircut tailored to you and your needs!
  • Coupled with a chance to ask one of the best Hairdressers in the UK any burning question you have about your hair
  • Featured on all our social media channels, so you know you’ll be getting a great haircut and style.

This opportunity is available all year round as we film in batches throughout the year, so if we can’t get you in now, there’s a chance we could later in the year.

This is a great opportunity to take the leap and create that new style you never thought about or other stylists did not have enough expertise to advise on.
We will take due care to choose the style that suits you the best, not just a haircut we want to do on the day.
You will be looked after by the professional team at The 5th Element Salon.

Thorough advice will be given on how to style your new look at home and how to look after your hair.

!!! Act today – Fill out the form below !!!

Ready to jump into a new Style?

Requirements for the free haircut:

1. You must be able to travel to Reading
Our videos are filmed at The 5th Element Salon in Reading, Tilehurst.

2. Subsequently It can’t just be a quick trim up, unfortunately (10-16 weeks growth minimum needed)
We will need some element of “transformation” and growth to work with. So if you had your hair cut last week then we won’t be able to work with it! We will need a good 10-15 weeks of growth at least by the time of the video, but the longer the better!

3. You must be happy to be filmed on camera

This is a pretty big requirement, in fact, it’s the only catch.

But don’t worry won’t be anything taxing for you. The videos will be all about your new style. In other words, we will direct you to look natural and relaxed.

4. You are happy to try new hairstyles or variations on your style

Rest assured, we won’t give you shocking makeovers like shaving your head bald or dyeing your hair bright green (unless you’re up for it). We’ll discuss and plan the new hairstyles together, but it would make for a more engaging video if you’re open to giving the Hairdresser / Stylist some creative freedom beyond a basic trim.

If you’re interested then fill out our form above.

long to short haircut restyle makeover in reading The 5th Element Salon
long to short haircut restyle makeover in reading The 5th Element Salon