BOB Haircut

In Reading and Tilehurst

Bob Haircut:

  • The bob cut is a timeless and versatile hairstyle that has evolved over the years into various forms, making it suitable for different hair textures, face shapes, and personal styles.
  • This haircut is characterized by hair that is typically cut straight around the head at jaw level or slightly below, although variations like the lob (long bob) can extend to shoulder length or beyond
bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst

Types of Bob Cuts:

1.Classic Bob:

This is a straightforward bob that is typically cut to jaw-length all around, creating a clean and polished look. It can be styled straight for a sleek appearance or with waves/curls for a softer vibe.

classic bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst
2. A-Line Bob:

Also known as a graduated bob, this style features shorter hair at the back that gradually increases in length towards the front, framing the face beautifully.

A-line Bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst
3. Blunt Bob:

This bob cut features hair that is cut to a uniform length all around, creating a sharp and edgy finish.

blunt bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst
4. Layered Bob:

Adding layers to a bob can enhance texture and volume, making it a great choice for those with fine hair or anyone looking to add movement to their hairstyle.

layered bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst
5. Inverted Bob

Similar to the A-line bob, the inverted bob features stacked layers at the back and longer pieces towards the front, creating a dramatic and voluminous effect.

inverted bob haircut in Reading and Tilehurst
Styling Options:
  • Straight Bob: Achieve a sleek and chic look by straightening the bob with a flat iron.
  • Wavy Bob: Add waves or loose curls using a curling wand or rollers for a more relaxed and beachy vibe.
  • Textured Bob: Use texturizing products like sea salt spray or dry shampoo to add texture and volume to your bob.
Face Shapes and Suitability:
  • Round Faces: A longer bob (lob) can help elongate round faces.
  • Square Faces: Soften angular features with a layered or textured bob.
  • Heart-Shaped Faces: Bobs with soft layers around the chin can complement this face shape beautifully.
  • Oval Faces: Almost any type of bob works well with oval faces due to their balanced proportions.

Bobs are generally easy to maintain and style, making them a popular choice for women with busy lifestyles. Regular trims (every 6-8 weeks) will help keep the shape and prevent the ends from looking blunt or damaged.


The bob cut remains a classic hairstyle that continues to evolve and adapt to modern trends, offering versatility, manageability, and style to women of all ages and backgrounds.

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